Why Detox with I.AM.YOU. Tea rather than juicing or fasting?

-The Heat Factor: Warm foods and drinks have a healing energy and capacity to the body, one that helps the body get stronger. The I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX hot teas round out the cold rawness of a cleanse, thereby not only helping you cleanse your organs, but make them stronger as well, leading to a more efficient digestive system and stronger immune system.

-The Sugar Factor: The earth’s natural fibers are essential for a true, thorough cleanse. But many fruits and vegetables – even if juiced – also have sugar in them, a substance that your liver has to work hard to process. The I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX teas made of traditional Chinese herbs help to cleanse those last bits out your liver, which is the organ responsible for the detoxing of your entire body, and most aligned with your metabolism.

-The Herb Factor: I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX Teas are hand made with traditional Chinese herbs, in a way that is easy for you to ingest and add to your day. Each herb included in the proprietary blends is sources from the best herbal store on the East Coast, and precisely chosen to cleanse your body’s most vital digestive organs: Liver, Stomach, Spleen, Kidneys.

-The Strength Factor: The trend to date is to clean your organs in a detox, but in order for results to last you should also make your organs stronger. I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX teas are hand made from a proprietary combination of traditional Chinese herbs that will work with the foods you eat in the cleansing, and add the extra strengthening factor.

-The Sheer Hunger Factor: Let’s face it is not a lot of food that you are facing in most other cleanses out there. Hunger and coffee cravings may kick in. Studies show that warm liquids help quell both. I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX Teas quell both, while specifically working to enhance the benefits of the overall program.