What is the difference between the 3 DAY, 7 DAY and 4 WEEK cleanse programs?

A 3 Day cleanse is three days. 72 hours. 3 teas a day. 9 teas total. It is perfect to pick you up and make you feel better when you have no time to stop, plan, or think. It is 100% focused on the liver, the body’s most important digestive and metabolic organ. Think of it as the quick fix to leave you lighter, more energetic, and more vibrant in shortest amount of time possible.

A 7 Day cleanse is seven days. One week. 3 teas a day. 21 teas total. It goes a little deeper and more thoroughly into the workings of your organs, without being painful. You just need to be ok with skipping the martinis at the Saturday night rager for its full effects. Two teas a day are liver focused, and the third is either for your kidneys or stomach and spleen. Think of it like a week at the spa for your organs.

A 4 Week cleanse is the most thorough DETOX to RETOX program. Week one focuses on your liver. Week two on your stomach and spleen. Week three on your kidneys. Week four on your liver again as it is considered the most important organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is longer, but it is stronger, and will leave you feeling like new. Think of this as a retreat for your inner workings.