The Story

It is a new world out there. One that is far more complicated, stressful, and sedentary than it used to be. Not to mention full of toxins in the air and our food. All this takes a daily toll on our body, which can culminate in: Weight gain. Headaches. Sluggishness. Digestion Issues. Irritability. Disrupted Sleep. Low Energy. Slow Metabolism. Bloating. Hangovers. General blah. Just to name a few… If you are reading this you may be feeling exactly what I am talking about, or have experienced it in the past.

I get it; I have lived it. Staying healthy in today’s world is far more complex than ever, especially considering endless days of work at the office and at home. The thing is, you do not have to resign yourself to feeling less than amazing, or torture yourself to attempt to feel simply like yourself. There is a solution, one that fits with your life and your body – I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX – innovative, solution based teas that help your body to cleanse these toxins of today and simultaneously strengthen your organs for more efficient bodily function going forward. Ie. Help you feel great.

Before launching I.AM.YOU., I always shied away from popular cleanse regimens, finding them and their surrounding wellness programs out there too weird, harsh, extreme, and ineffective. I wanted to be healthy, and generally was, but the existing cleanse programs seemed counterintuitive.

Spending days or weeks on liquid “foods” and lemon cayenne pepper concoctions in no way fit with my lifestyle, and I knew that that they would do more harm to my overall system than good. I spent years witnessing friends and people around me on the trading floor juice for a week straight, essentially starving themselves, becoming weak, irritable, angry, and unable to join client dinners or just function normally. Then as soon as their cleanses finished, they would immediately wolf down a burger…only to get sick and regain the weight days later.

Frankly, the programs never appeared to deliver true results. The system never seemed to work. And that cycle is no way to live, for me at least.

So I quit my job in 2009 to launch I.AM.YOU., a lifestyle company aimed at providing a new lens for wellness, one focused on being a one-stop-shop for the remedies to modern urban living through Yoga, Nourishment, Music, and Mindset. I immediately began to study under John Kolenda, L.Ac., a premier acupuncturist and herbalist in California. He has over 20 years of experience in the field, was the Dean of Clinical Education at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where over 20,000 treatments were provided annually, and managed detox & acupuncture clinics. And he served as the President of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA).

I knew he could help me construct a tea line that would pack a punch in an approachable way. A doable and balanced, effective and realistic. One that makes you stronger, cleaner, and brighter all while delivering lasting results. One that you can do no matter your daily schedule of work, sweat, and home.

Hence the birth of DETOX to RETOX. Together with John Kolenda, I.AM.YOU. has developed one of the least disruptive and most teas and effective cleanses ever made, targeted precisely to YOU and the fast paced, often overwhelming and toxic urban lifestyles so common around the globe.

The Program

Drinks 3 glasses of I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX Tea a Day. Follow a Menu Plan with paired meals and snacks. And cleanse your body in a balanced, easy way. No juicing. No fasting. No steamed veggies in Tupperware. No skipping meals.

I know you have a life. I know you go out to eat, order in, and rarely cook. I totally get never wanting anyone wanting to know you are ‘cleansing’ with the trendy masses. How embarrassing. The beauty of DETOX to RETOX is that not one person needs to know you are remedying yourself, whether it with our loose teas or a cleanse program. They will probably just ask you why you look so great, and maybe you decide to tell them.

Decide between our loose teas or one of our set cleanse programs:

For the Teas: Each tea recipe designed to relieve specific ailment and detox a specific organ. TOX it OUT to cleanse your entire system. ALIEN BABY DE-BLOAT to debloat, depuff, and unpain your digestive system. STRESS RELIEVER to simmer you down. HANGOVER HELPER to zap the headache, grogginess, and misery of the last cocktails out of you. Keep them at home or at your desk and have a glass when you need a little something extra to make you feel better.

For the Programs: 3 DAY, 7 DAY, 4 WEEK. Drink 3 DETOX to RETOX teas a day and follow our customized Menu plan that includes three accessible meals a day and snacks. The combination is designed to cleanse and strengthen your organs at the same time, so that you become stronger and more efficient. You can cook the food yourself, buy it, order it in, or even go to that business dinner.

You do not need to starve, become irritable, or carve out cleanse time to sit on your sofa in isolation watching reruns and hiding from the world in order to complete this program. You just need to be you, and sip on some tea. That’s it.

Simple. Easy. Effective. Balanced. Living.

The Teas

I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX has created a specific, hand crafted balanced Tea for each of the most vital organs or your digestive & metabolic system. Because you’ll inevitably encounter toxins post-cleanse, and life is surely to rear its head, I.AM.YOU. DETOX to RETOX Teas are all designed to help you combat the effects of future toxicity, and thus have created a portal for you to have lasting results. The Teas are made to make all of you stronger so that you can live. So you can work, and play, and eat, and drink, and run, and jump, and be YOU.Fusing together theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, DETOX to RETOX Teas target your most vital bodily organs: Liver, Stomach and Spleen, and Kidneys.

The Teas work to cleanse the existing toxins in your organs, of course, but more importantly they help make your organs stronger, so that they can function more efficiently going forward.

Why is this combination of cleansing and strengthening important? Because is not ever possible to detoxify your body entirely; toxins are everywhere – in the air, your food, in the emotions you have, from stress, to worry, to anger, to sadness, to extreme excitement. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that extreme or unwanted emotions can be as toxic to your body, if not more, as other tangible items.

That said, it is possible to give your body a break from processing those toxins and help your organs safely flush them out of your system, especially by focusing on the most vital organs of the digestive and metabolic system:

The Liver: The Liver is the largest internal organ and the largest gland of the body. It is responsible for digestion (especially carbs and toxins), metabolic function, and detoxification, among other things. It is below the diaphragm in the thoracic region of the abdomen, on the right side of the body, and to the right of the stomach. It is the body’s only producer or bile, essential to digestion. It is also connected to the Small Intestine via the Portal vein. Blood with digested food moves from the small intestine to the Liver in order to process the bi-products of the food we eat, detoxify, and absorb vitamins and minerals.

The Stomach & Spleen: In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Stomach & Spleen work together as one unit. The Spleen is one of the most critical organs to the immune system. It removes old blood cells and turns them into iron, creates and stores red blood cells, creates antibodies, and removes and neutralizes unhealthy bacteria. It is in the upper left area of the abdomen and transforms and transports food into usable food essence, and sends the waste into the intestines. The Stomach is where the 2nd phase of digestion takes place (the first being the mouth and chewing). It is hollow, muscular organ that connects the esophagus and the small intestine, about the size of a large fist. It is in the left upper part of abdominal area, partly on top of diaphragm and in front of pancreas. Churning of the stomach muscle helps break the food into smaller bits, and gastric acid, enzymes, and other molecules help in its digestion.

The Kidneys: The Kidneys work closely with the endocrine system to filter, reabsorb, and secrete. They also regulate the reabsorption of glucose and amino acids, and thus play a roll in growth and development. They are behind the abdominal cavity, on either side of the spine, and below the diaphragm. The right is behind the liver, the left is behind the spleen. By producing urine, the Kidneys secrete the body’s waste and balance body fluid metabolism.